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J. Marcel Louimeus stands at the helm of EXOS Wealth Strategies as its President and CEO. Apart from being an accomplished founder, he is also a renowned speaker and a financial educator. His credentials as a Chartered Financial Consultant, Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist, and Accredited Investment Fiduciary affirm his continuous commitment to providing stellar corporate fiduciary services. His place in the Association of African American Financial Advisors' "50 Under 50" also signifies his standing among top financial advisors.

Louimeus has built a solid reputation in the industry, appreciated for his profound expertise, influence, and professional approach. Throughout his distinguished career, he has supported his clients across various financial matters, consistently imparting knowledge for wealth management and financial planning.

His journey in finance began post-MBA after a stint in communications. Starting as a Financial Representative at Modern Woodmen of America in 2014, he transitioned to Centric Advisors, LLC in 2017. Serving as the President of Institutional Retirement Services, Louimeus assisted the firm in achieving Federally-Covered status. However, his ultimate venture materialized in 2020 with the founding of EXOS Wealth Strategies.

EXOS Wealth Strategies is an independent, Registered Investment Advisory firm offering comprehensive financial planning and corporate fiduciary services. Affiliated with EXOS Capital Group, LLC, they also provide alternative investment opportunities through a successful hedge fund. This independence permits the firm to deliver solutions to its clients autonomously.

Louimeus's academic background is impressive, with a Bachelor of Science and postgraduate work from LeTourneau University. His passion for education is evident in his consistent dedication to furthering his financial expertise. In his personal life, he is a family man, fitness enthusiast, and former collegiate basketball player. His love for fitness reflects in his off-duty hours, which he spends staying healthy and maintaining a high fitness level.

Louimeus's list of professional accomplishments is long, including his inclusion in the Top 50 African American Advisors Under the Age of 50 by the Association of African American Financial Advisors in 2021. His charitable endeavors include regular donations to support meals for people experiencing homelessness in Houston and Miami Beach, stemming from his humble beginnings.

EXOS Wealth Strategies offers a suite of services ranging from wealth management to public offerings, striving to meet the unique demands of contemporary investors. Led by Louimeus, the firm prides itself on building trust and executing goals, aiming to provide its clients with the highest standards of service.

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J. Marcel Louimeus
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